OH.MY.BURGER, Camera Eats First!

[This venue has since closed and not planning to re-open any time soon]

Burger joint OH.MY.BURGER was the first one to bring “instagrammable” burgers into Shanghai when they opened six months ago featuring the Ramen Burger on their menu. Being an avid food video consumer on Facebook, I had already heard and seen everything about this innovative dish and I was not surprised to witness tens of pictures of my fellow Shanghai instagrammers popping up when the Ramen Burger finally landed here too.

Which is exactly why I never visited OH.MY.BURGER until just recently. I was bitter from not being the first to snap that ramen burger picture, and I actually refused to eat that specific item during my recent visit too… still so bitter!

Nevertheless, I did try the spaghetti burger aka Ciao, Bello! (RMB 70), and I have to say it was my least favorite among all four burgers I ate (yeah, four burgers and a huge basket of fries among two people). The elements felt a bit disconnected, yet if you’re visiting a place like OH.MY.BURGER for the first time you may want to order one of these to photograph and share a piece with your friends.

Spaghetti Bun Burger

My absolute favorite was the Limited Offer (RMB 70), which is currently a fried soft shell crab and mozzarella patty burger. The mozzarella patty oozes with cheese and the soft, squishy bun is the perfect vehicle to all that melty cheese and crunchy crab. It’s only available until end of December, so rush and have a try!

Limited Offer Soft Shell Crab Burger

The runner up was the Donut Burger aka Guilty Pleasure (RMB 80): this dish has been controversial among my foodie friends. I personally loved it despite my initial skepticism. The donut is not too sweet and is fairly small, which I think is a plus, so the bacon and three (!) layers of crispy thin beef can truly shine.

Donut Burger

Another very solid option was the Avocado Fish Burger (RMB 70). The patty is made of ground salmon, topped with avocado and a truly special minty coleslaw which gives the burger a fresh touch so that it doesn’t feel too heavy. Perfect lunch option.

Salmon & Avocado Burger

We accompanied this meal with a 4 In One Combo (RMB 50), a big basket of assorted fries. My favorite were definitely the Duck Fries, while my boyfriend preferred the Slim Fries.

Fries Basket

On the drink list you’ll also find simple cocktails. I ordered a Berry Ricky (RMB 55) and it was extremely generous, it was like a pint… the owner, Tobias, said to me “nobody ever complained about the cocktails being too big”, and I believe him!


Address: Shanghai, 691 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Wanping Lu – 建国西路691, 近宛平路

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