Visitors in Town? Bring them to Shanghai Tang!

Shanghai Tang is the restaurant concept by the namesake Chinese luxury fashion brand, one of the most successful, high-end “made in China” brands.

The space is colorful, with high ceilings, oriental-deco furniture and plenty of natural light during the daytime. A modern, kitsch version of a traditional Shanghai tea house. If you’ve asked yourself where to bring your visitors, Shanghai Tang’s the answer.

The menu is huge, which may intimidate out-of-towners and those who are not particularly acquainted with Shanghainese cuisine. While many of the options are quite refined (and therefore on the pricier side of the spectrum), you can fill your belly with delicious food for as little as 150-170 RMB, especially if you stick to cold dishes, dumplings and fancy veggies.

Among the cold appetisers, the Salted Chicken was tasty, with crunchy cartilage pieces and tender meat. The Chinese Cabbage (which you should not be expecting to look or taste like Western cabbage) was nicely caramelised with sugar and soy sauce. We also ordered the cauliflower with black truffle, which looked and smelled better than it tasted. Order it for the show, as it comes with billowing smoke thanks to liquid nitrogen and beautiful plating.

For the mains, we had the most delicious Hong Shao Rou, probably one of the most iconic Shanghainese delicacies. The pork belly is braised with thick soy sauce and crystal sugar until it becomes all wobbly and literally melts in your mouth. The Shanghainese prawn fried noodles also hit the spot, accompanied by a delicious peanut spicy sauce.

The two types of dumplings we had were Shanghai staple, delicious Xiao Long and the Pot Stickers, or Guo Tie, which come with a beautiful crispy skirt. Unfortunately they were out of Shen Jian Bao, another type of pot sticker bun that is supposed to be one of their specialties.

We didn’t try the desserts, which looked fabulous… one more reason to go back!

Address: Shanghai, 333 Huangpi Nan Lu, 2-3/F, near Taicang Lu – 黄陂南路333号2-3楼, 近太仓路

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