A Taste of Texas at Bubba’s

[This venue is now closed]

Bubba’s experience feels like I’ve just tele-transported myself to Texas. A big, empty diner (in the dry, scarcely habited area of the Cool Docks) with a pool table and a bunch of white Texans talking about how great guns are and how it shouldn’t even be mandatory to register them (no kidding I’ve really heard this convo).

So, we’ve ordered two beers in happy hour for 25 RMB each (Asahi and Tiger 500ml), a pulled pork sandwich (85 RMB) and a half ribs rack (130 RMB) with slaw and fries. The fries were nice but quite basic, while the abundant pulled pork sandwich and ribs were fantastic. The latter was tender, moist and fall-off-the-bone.

The value for money is definitely there. Service was fast and slick but, besides the table of six gun carrying Texans, we were the only other two customers.

Will be back to try more meaty dishes!


NB: The location I went to has been closed since the time of my visit but you can still have Bubba’s food at their other location: Shanghai, 2262 Hongqiao Lu, near Jianhe Lu – 虹桥路2262号, 近剑河路

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